EASA speaks OME Srl
Published at 2015-03-23 14:08:23

EASA (Electrical Apparatus Service Association) presenta il nuovo membro: OME Srl.


Affiliates News - New Member: Electric Motor Supplier


As a new Affiliate Member of EASA European & World Chapter I would like to make the membership aware of OME Electric Motors.
OME Electric Motors are based in Italy and we pride ourselves on the fact that we have always addressed customer specific requests by providing any electric motor including Standard, Flame Proof, Medium and High Voltage.


Recently we have launched sales of the following motors:


1)    Flame and explosion proof motors any voltage (small, medium, high) either produced in Europe to match the European Atex protocol requirements, or produced in China to serve the rest of the World which do not ask for Atex European protocol matching.


2)    IE3 Premium Efficiency standard motors and IE2 High Efficiency Flame/Explosion proof motors. OME Electric Motors are one of the first in the World to produce motors under the above Efficiency Classes one year in advance. We are also ready to provide a customised service of auditing to check any single motors replacement breakeven point and convenience scheme.


3)    Slip-ring, Standard and High Voltage motors designed for hazardous area applications, such as hazardous gas or explosive gas enviromnents.


At OME we provide the option to all our customers to choose between the made in Europe or importation by OME Electric Motors from our Chinese plant. Both our plants are managed by Italian personnel who report directly to OME Head Office in Italy. Know-how, quality control and design are key factors in the production of OME motors and processes are followed the same at both plants. By offering customers the oppormnity to choose between European or Chinese made products, we can accommodate any customer.


At OME over the years we have listened to our customers to find out their specific requirements, whoever they are, from wherever they approach us. Our web-site is a tee information tool to our Company for anything you need to know about electric motors.


We are of course conscious of the heavy competition we face every day and we are keen to distinguish ourselves and our product/services from any other. We feel our positive customer feedback has given us the confidence to set us apart from any other.
When you next have a need for new electric motors please approach OME with confidence that we can fulfill your requirements.


EASA Affiliates News - New Member: Electric Motor Supplier


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